Director : Ronni Thomas


          Like many film hopefuls, Ronni started making films at about 9 years old when his father bought one of the first camcorder backpack units that had come on the market.  He remade classics such as Faces of Death and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre with his Brooklyn neighborhood friends.  Since then, his films have screed at festivals around the world as well as museums and institutions ranging from Carnegie Hall and The MET in NY to the Horniman Museum in the UK.  They've been Honored by BAFTATribeca Film Institute, Raindance Film UKThe British Independent Film Awards and many other prestigious venues. Ronni got his official start in film at Troma in 2000, producing DVD content for the legendary horror outfit.  From there, he teamed up with underground maverick Lech Kowlaski (DOA, The Boot Factory) and together they made Hey Is Dee Dee Home with Punk icon Dee Dee Ramone.  Eventually he found his place in short film and digital content working heavily with Morbid Anatomy and the now defunct Brooklyn Observatory.   His award winning short narrative Radio Girl featured collaboration with long time composer and friend Stephen Coates (The Real Tuesday Weld) and The Witch director, Robert Eggers.  His Midnight Archive web series went on to critical acclaim both on the small and big screens,  garnering praise from to boingboing and io9, to Forbes magazine, before being co-opted for Discovery Channel's digital network.  His short doc Walter Potter : The Man Who Married Kittens, would be nominated for best short at the prestigious Tribeca Film festival, Raindance Film Fest, and Hot Springs International and wind honors at Morbido fest Puebla, Mexico.

          His latest project. VON COSEL focuses on Key West necrophile Carl von Cosel.  The film is a feature length narrative that chronicles the life of a man who spent 7 years sleeping with the corpse of a patient he felt an immortal bond with.   For films and more information, visit