Director Ronni Thomas attempting to take himself serious (2017)

Director : Ronni Thomas

          I started making films at about 9 years old when my father bought one of the first camcorder backpack units that had come on the market.  I remade classics such as Faces of Death and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre with my Brooklyn neighborhood friends.  Since then my interest in those things that cannot be quite explained is the one thing that has certainly not abated.  I got my official start in film at Troma in 2000, producing DVD content for the legendary horror outfit.  From there I teamed up with underground maverick Lech Kowlaski and together we made Hey Is Dee Dee Home with Punk icon Dee Dee Ramone.  Eventually I found my place in short film and digital content working heavily with Morbid Anatomy and the now defunct Brooklyn Observatory.   My films have all received unlikely acclaim by some of the most unexpected institutions.  Honored by BAFTA, Tribeca, The British Independent Film Awards and many other prestigious venues, I've been fortunate enough to make films about some of the most fascinating people who walk the face of the earth.  From pet mummifiers, to taxidermists, psychics and Oujia board enthusiasts my career has been a lively ensemble of unfortunately misdiagnosed misfits.  My hope is that people view my films with the sensitivity to the topics as I have chosen to present them with.  I have an endless fascination and enduring respect for the people in my films and though they may be off kilter by modern standards, I view them with grace and praise.  If nothing nothing else, I hope my films serve as a sanctuary for all those things that people regard as flippant, silly, irreverent, eccentric and all the other words  people use to describe those things they can't possibly understand...

          My latest project is on Key West necrophile Carl von Cosel.  The film is a feature length narrative that chronicles the life of a man who spent 7 years sleeping with the corpse of a patient he felt an immortal bond with.  Please email me at for more information on this project.